Veterinarians report increase in flea problems

Veterinarians report increase in flea problems (Image 1)

Due to unseasonably warm temperatures this winter, summer is expected to be especially bad for flea and tick problems.

Dr. Amanda Cassetty at Murphy Road Animal Hospital told Nashville's News 2 she is seeing flea infestation cases earlier this year.

According to Cassetty, killing both live fleas and their eggs is key to preventing a problem and pet owners may want to consider using more than one prevention product.

“You need to use a combination of medications that target all of those four stages instead of just trying to kill the adult fleas,” said Cassetty.

A female flea can lay 20 to 50 eggs per day.

Cassetty said spotting parasites on your pets can be easy if you know what you're looking for.

“You can see the live fleas, but you can also see this black debris, which is what we call flea dirt.  That's digested blood,” she explained.

Parasites can do more than make your pets uncomfortable and can cause family pets to develop tape worm.

Dr. Cassetty recommends treating pets with a combination of adulticide, such as Parastar Plus and an environmental control, such as Sentinel.

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