Metro School Board approves 2 new charter schools

Metro School Board approves 2 new charter schools (Image 1)

The Metro School Board approved two new charter schools in a meeting on Tuesday night.  

Intrepid College Prep, which will be located in Antioch, and Nashville Classical, which will be in east Nashville, was the two schools approved.

“The application process is a good one. It's meant to push us all to a really high level,” explained Mia Howard of Intrepid College Prep.

In addition to approving the new schools, the school board denied eight other charter school applications.

Among those denied included Arizona based Great Hearts Academy, which is known for providing quality education.

Great Hearts wanted to open five schools, but would not specify locations.

“Our inability to settle on a location or time frame when they could be committed to settling on a location means we can't enter in a contract,” explained Metro Schools Alan Coverstone.

Some in the community were concerned that the charter school group would focus on opening schools in more affluent areas of Nashville.

Parts of the Metro charter school priorities include a commitment to diversity and specifics on school locations.

The schools that were denied have until June 13 to appeal the board's decision.

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