Maintenance crews have less time for school repairs

Maintenance crews have less time for school repairs (Image 1)

While Davidson County students are officially on summer break, maintenance workers are hard at work at making improvements to the nearly 140 schools throughout the county.  

With only 63 days and counting until the first day of school, crews have already begun working hard to complete a long list of projects, including painting buildings, improving football fields and checking air conditions, that need to be completed before students return to school in the fall.

On Tuesday, workers at Lakeview Elementary spent time replacing ceiling tiles.

“This is when the bulk of the work takes place and we prepare for the next school year,”
Director of Maintenance Thomas Hatfield explained.  
The Metro School Board voted last fall to adopt a balanced school calendar for the upcoming school year.

On the balanced calendar, students get a shorter summer break but, but will have regular breaks every nine weeks.  

“This year is a shorter summer, matter of fact, the shortest summer that I have ever witnessed since I have been with Metro schools [in the last] 38 years,” Hatfield said. “Time is one of the resources that we can't do a whole lot about. We can't make any more time, we can only better utilize the time we have.”

Hatfield said he has created organizational strategies and has set aside project priorities to ensure all the school buildings will be ready in time.

“My staff is little concerned about time frames, but we will be ready. We'll work hard and they will long hours and we will be ready,” he said.

The first day of school for the 2012-2013 school year is Wednesday, August 1.

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