Honky-tonks add insulation to lower music levels

Honky-tonks add insulation to lower music levels (Image 1)

A few downtown Nashville honky-tonks have made some adjustments to drown out their blaring music after recent noise complaints from an area hotel.

In an effort to be good neighbors, Honky-Tonk Central and Rippy's installed foam insulation on Monday, hoping it will absorb some of the sound.
“We're installing the base trappers is what it is and it's supposed to lower the [decibels] to about 20% and what that's going to do is make it so the sound quality that's coming out of here is fantastic and it's not going to carry the sound as far,” said Kevin Nixa, who installed the insulation.

He added, “It's just a matter of coming up with a happy medium and trying to catch both at the same time.”

The changes won't be noticeable to anyone enjoying the live music at the honky-tonks and hotel guests are certainly appreciative.

“I think that's going to just make it better for everybody because some people are more sensitive to noise than others and so they can have a nice stay but keep that music playing because Nashville is all about the music so I would not want to impact that at all,” said Gloria Broming, a guest at the Hilton Hotel on Lower Broadway.

While there is no noise ordinance for live music in the downtown area, there are limitations in place for prerecorded music.

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