Hendersonville man killed in Ohio crash

An 18-year-old Hendersonville man was killed early Monday after the SUV he was driving struck a tree in Beavercreek, Ohio, just outside Dayton.

Police are looking for three passengers who ran from the scene.  The driver, Zane Clark, died on the scene.

Keith Mitchell lives nearby and heard the wreck.  He said one the passengers briefly spoke to him and he seemed alert.

He said, “When we came out, one of the kids approached us at the house and said he hurt his wrist.  We asked if there was anybody else in the car. He said the driver. That's when we called 911. I thought when we came out they were all out because we saw the three walking away.”

Investigators reconstructed the crash site and say the driver went through a stop sign and was trying to turn left when he struck the tree.
“It wasn't a 10 mile-per-hour accident,” Mitchell continued.  “They had hit the tree pretty hard to do that much damage.”

The crash remains under investigation.

Police say depending on why the other passengers left the car they may not face criminal charges.

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