Appeals to property tax assessments begin Friday

Appeals to property tax assessments begin Friday (Image 1)

During the month of June, homeowners can dispute their property tax assessment with county officials.

As the real estate market has fluctuated greatly over the last several years, some property owners believe their parcel is not worth what it once was.

Residents can appeal to their county's tax assessor in an effort to have their taxes lowered.

Williamson County tax assessor Brad Coleman told Nashville's News 2, “In a county with 80,000, parcels we're aware that there may be some properties that aren't listed correctly, that aren't valued correctly and for sure we want to know that and that's what the appeal process is for.”

Officials said Williamson County conducts property assessments every five years with the last one being completed last year.

Coleman said there were not as many appeals as expected last year when property owners first learned of their new assessments and he does not expect there to be many this year.

“We've been very lucky throughout Middle Tennessee, especially in Williamson County to hold values better than a majority of the country,” he said.

Property owners who wish to appeal their assessments are asked to call their tax assessor's office and present their appeal to the County Board of Equalization that meets next month.

Property owners can judge their property tax assessment with the help of the smartphone app “Zillow.”

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and allows users to track what homes have sold for recently in each neighborhood.

Homeowners who have questions about their property assessment or tax is encouraged to contact their county property tax assessor.

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