Big & Rich singer helps organization provide home to disabled veteran

Big & Rich singer helps organization provide home to disabled veteran (Image 1)

A disabled veteran and his family are in a new home with the help of country artist Big Kenny from the duo Big and Rich.

Shaun Meadows lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan nearly four years ago. He now gets around with the help of prosthetic legs.  

On Thursday, Nashville's News 2 traveled to Linville, Tennessee located in Giles County about 90 miles south of Nashville for the unveiling of the home.

Shaun proudly showed off his new home, which he was chosen for by Operation Finally Home, to more than 100 friends and family members.

The foundation, which Big Kenny is associated with, goes around the country and builds home for disabled veterans.

“What they did for us is a complete blessing, for myself and the family,” he said.

Work on the one level, three-bedroom home, which is designed for Shaun's needs, began last November on Veteran's Day and was completed just days before Memorial Day.

“It was designed specifically for Shaun and his family and Shaun's needs as a disabled veteran,” Keith Porterfield said.

Shaun told Nashville's News 2 the new home is a blessing to him and his family.

“I worried for a few years after my injury about what I was going to do next to support my family,” he said. “You have taken that burden off my shoulders.”

While Thursday's unveiling was focused on Shaun and his family, he took the opportunity to acknowledge other injured and fallen soldiers.

“I was fortunate enough to serve,” he said. “I got hurt, but I'm here and get to be with my family, but there are heroes that didn't make it and they're not here with us today. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is.”

Shaun also recently got the opportunity to skydive, making him the first active duty double amputee to skydive in Air Force history.

The Meadows' family officially moves into their new home on Friday.  

For more information on Operation Finally Home, visit their Web site.

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