Rose bushes stolen from soldier memorial

Rose bushes stolen from soldier memorial (Image 1)

In the median of Riverside Drive in east Nashville there is a soldier's memorial with a plague that reads, “A memorial dedicated to our American servicemen who fought in World Wars I and II and the Korean War.  Developed in 1933 and re-landscaped and rededicated May 30, 1959.”

On April 28, 2012, in conjunction with the Great American Clean Up and Keep America Beautiful campaign, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, along with a group of veterans and dignitaries rededicated the memorial.

Shrubs, plants and rose bushes were donated and planted at the site.

Within the last week, the memorial has been a dumping site and plant robbers have stolen three large rose bushes from the ground.

Anthony Viglietti is a resident of east Nashville and a District 7 beautification commissioner who was instrumental in the rededication ceremony.

“This is a memorial, started in 1931, created by concerned citizens for those who fought and gave their lives in First World War,” he explained.  “Then, in 1959, it was rededicated to include the Second World War, Korean War and those fighting in the Vietnam War and now we are carrying on that legacy that began in 1931.”

Viglietti becomes emotional when he talks about what he calls the lack of respect directed toward the memorial.

“It's just, I get real emotional.  It is a lack of respect for other people's property but also a lack of respect for those who fought for their country and are still fighting for their country,” he said.  “This road is dedicated to them and for someone to use it for their dumping ground and steal what we are trying to do, that we honor and respect those who gave their life and are fighting for us and it disturbs me greatly.”

Viglietti urges anyone who might have information on the rose bush thefts to contact police.

To learn more about the memorial call Viglietti directly at 615-226-6893.

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