Gas pump overcharges Mid-State driver

Gas pump overcharges Mid-State driver (Image 1)

A Nashville driver is speaking out after a pump at a local gas station kept charging his credit card even after he was done pumping his gasoline.

Kurt Schlachter said he pumped around $30 of gas at the Raceway station on Old Hickory Boulevard in Hermitage on Monday evening.

It was after he returned the nozzle to the pump he noticed the gallons were still moving and the pump was still registering money.

He thought it was odd so he went inside and asked the clerk to take a look.

Schlachter says the clerk didn't seem too concerned so he stayed at the pump and began filming the behavior with the camera on his cell phone.

While just a few pennies more, Schlachter says the money doesn't concern him.

“It's just pennies I know, but if I'm one person, what if you have 100 people?” he asked.

Schlachter did talk to several Raceway officials over the phone and will be cut a check for $5.

Still, Schlachter is skeptical.

“It's been going on for how long and never been addressed.   That's maybe what might cause some alarm for me, as a consumer, that it's an ongoing thing but again, we really don't know,” he said.

On Tuesday afternoon, a day later, pump No. 8 at the Raceway station was no longer bagged and out of order.

Raceway district manager Evan Sturgis told Nashville's New 2 a private company fixed the problem Tuesday morning.

He said, “Under no circumstance would I ever say that this was intentional one bit and I think Racetrack and Raceway did good job of trying to take of it as quick as possible.”

Drivers who experience a problem at the pump are encouraged to file a complaint with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture's weights and measures division.

Investigators ask drivers provide the location of the gas station, the time and date the problem was experienced as well as the pump number and grade of gas.

Motorists can file a complaint by calling 1-800-OCTANE-1 or read more online at

Wayne Thompson is with the state weights and measures division and examined pump No. 8 on Tuesday.

He told Nashville's News 2 the original problem was fixed but there is now a new issue.

The pump puts a bit too much gas in at the $3.29 price level.

“It's out of tolerance but it's actually in the consumer's favor,” Thompson said.

Raceway officials said they are planning to have the pump fixed again immediately.

The weights and measures division offers a 30-day window for gas stations to correct pumps that are not functioning properly.

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