Man caught videotaping up girl’s skirt

Man caught videotaping up girl's skirt (Image 1)

A Nashville man was arrested Saturday at the Opry Mills Mall after he was caught videotaping up a teenager's skirt.

The victim's mother told police she witnessed the man kneel down next to her 16-year-old daughter and hold his cell phone under her miniskirt in an apparent effort to photograph or video record up her skirt.

Police said the man, 39-year-old Antonio Chinal-Becerril, immediately walked away and entered another store but was apprehended by security a few minutes later.

Detectives interviewed Chinal-Becerril at the scene and he admitted to using his cell phone to record the victim in several stores throughout the mall.

Multiple videos of the victim were found on Chinal-Becerril's cell phone.

He stated that he took the videos because he thought the teen girl was physically attractive.

Metro police spokesperson Kristin Mumford said the investigation is ongoing and there may be other victims.

“What we're asking is anyone who recognizes this person and feels perhaps they were also victimized to please contact the Metro police sex crimes detectives or Crime Stoppers,” she sad, adding, “We would like to get the word out that this, of course, is a prosecutable offense.  It's not funny.  It is a crime.”

Chinal-Becerril was booked into the Metro jail on a $10,000 bond.

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