Giant rattlesnake removed from Hendersonville home

Giant rattlesnake removed from Hendersonville home (Image 1)

A Timber rattlesnake measuring five feet, six inches was removed from a Hendersonville home last week.

The snake was found by a hunter outside of Nashville who brought the snake back to his residence and called Animal Pros Wildlife Removal.

Though the exact location where the snake was found is not known, it is illegal in Tennessee to kill or remove snakes from their natural habitat.

“As far as going out to collect something even if it's a rattlesnake, garden snake, anything like that, it is illegal,” Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officer Doug Markham said.

Ryan Hall, a wildlife removal expert, took the call and didn't expect to find a rattlesnake.

“First thought was it's going to be a non-poisonous snake. I mean 99.9% of the snake calls we get, everybody thinks it's a rattlesnake,” said Hall of Animal Pros Wildlife Removal.

Rattlesnakes are rarely found in residential areas and are most common in secluded settings.

Wildlife officials estimate the Timber rattlesnake is at least 10 years old.

The snake was taken to a wildlife release site, away from residential neighborhoods.

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