Gaylord lawsuit could open door for others

Gaylord lawsuit could open door for others (Image 1)

Gaylord Entertainment filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Army Corp of Engineers Monday saying the damage to their hotel was the result of negligence on their part and the National Weather Service.

The lawsuit has the potential to open up the federal government to other lawsuits from victims of the historic flood of May 2010.

Nashville's News 2 spoke with Sherry Wilson regarding the lawsuit.  Wilson lost her son Danny Tomlinson during the great flood.

Wilson said the weekend the waters hit Music City, a car Danny was a passenger in took a wrong turn and got caught in flood waters on Newsom Station Road in rural Bellevue.

His body was recovered for four and a half months later.

“Everything reminds me of him, which I never want to forget,” Wilson said, adding, “It's a day you'll never forget. You go to sleep [and] everything in the world's okay and then the next day you get a phone call and everything is crazy.”  

In addition to Tomlinson, several other lives were lost that weekend and thousands of Mid-State residents lost everything. 

If Gaylord wins their lawsuit against the Army Corp of Engineers, it could open the door to more lawsuits.

“I still see when I go into work that there's still a lot of homes that people haven't went back that couldn't afford to rebuild.  They had to walk away,” Wilson said.

However she believes you can't but a price on life.

“There's nothing, like I said, that can ever replace him ever.  No amount of money, anything, but if somebody wants to stand up and say, 'Yeah they made a mistake,' I guess it will be alright,” Wilson said.

Wilson said, two years later, her focus now is keeping her son's memory alive and remembering to appreciate life, family and friends.

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