Volunteers transform neighborhood damaged by historic flood

Volunteers transform neighborhood damaged by historic flood (Image 1)

Volunteers and flood victims are working to transform a west Nashville neighborhood that was heavily damaged by the historic flood of 2010 into a community gathering place.

On May 1, 2010 homes along Delray Driver were inundated with flood water when nearby Richland Creek flooded.

This week, volunteers with Corrections Corporation of America, along with correctional officers and wardens from across the country are working to build a playground.

“A lot of hard work is going on and it's nice to get out and get outside the office and actually put in some hard labor,” Arizona CCA volunteer Todd Thomas said.

Thomas told Nashville's News 2 he and his colleagues have enjoyed volunteering their time to the worthy cause.

“The sheriff's department came in here and cleaned off the houses and did a lot of the prep work before we got here.  We're [going to] put the track down, [put up] the playground equipment [and] clean up the riverbank where people can come and enjoy it,” Thomas said.

Flood victim Debbie Owen said she almost lost everything in the epic flood and said she is grateful for the work of the volunteers.

“This day means a lot to me,” she said, adding, “The support from my community was absolutely incredible. They cooked us meals, they helped us clean up and they brought us water. I work for CCA and they were there financially, they were supportive to me in every way, so I have to give back.”    

Volunteers hope to have the project complete by Thursday.

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