Sumner Co. deputies respond to 2 incidents involving meth labs

Sumner Co. deputies respond to 2 incidents involving meth labs (Image 1)

The Sumner County Sheriff's department is continuing to fight the growing number of meth labs in the county.

In recent weeks authorities responded to two serious incidents involving the illegal drug.

Authorities reported on April 22 a man was critically burned in what deputies call a meth lab explosion that occurred on Clark Hollow Road in Westmoreland.

According to deputies, a fourth of a mile from where Marty Clark was found, they discovered the charred remains of a cabin and a melted four wheeler in the woods.

Among the other items found at the scene included Coleman camping fuel, which is a typical ingredient in the meth manufacturing process, as well as ephedrine packages lying nearby the cabin.

“They get there and the officer talks to the burned man, he says he was cooking meth,” an investigator said.

After going to Clark's home, authorities discovered the finished product located in his front yard in a water-proof container.

Clark, 42, remains in critical, but stable condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

He has not yet been charged.

Over the past weekend, deputies said a tip led them to Beth Page Motel located on Highway 231 South, where they found a room full of people where volatile meth and hazardous chemicals were discovered.

“The lab was in a black duffel bag,” the detective told Nashville's News 2 Investigates, adding, “We found glassware and liquid fire, hoses, Draino, coffee filters, and peroxide, salt, and lithium batteries.  Inside their truck we found a pill soak, with ephedrine, getting ready for meth manufacturing process. They cooked the night before at the hotel room.”

The detective said diaper bags were also found.

When one of the two women was asked whether a baby had been in the room, the women said her child had all ready been taken by the Department of Children's Services.

Twenty-two-old Katie Slayton, 43-year-old James Cooper and 22- year-old Whitney Holloway were taken into custody.

Deputies said the volatile chemicals used in the manufacturing process could have ignited the motel and hurt or killed others.

“As it did in the woods, they are cooking meth here, last week blew up and caught on fire, if this happened in this room there was 20 guests here and that motel would have burned and had loss of life. And because of the closeness of the rooms and no fire breaks. Fire would have gone room to room to room.”

Detectives said Holloway has been arrested multiple times in connection with drugs.

Authorities said her appearance is the direct result of drugs.

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