Music City Center 1 year away from completion

Music City Center 1 year away from completion (Image 1)

Construction crews hit a major milestone Monday at the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville.  Construction is on track to finish in exactly one year.

The 2013 date is when the contract is set to be complete for the new convention center, and it has come a long way in two years.

Crews are now putting finishing touches on the building. The so-called hardscape is being worked on and planters are being poured.

The outside of the facility is expected to be finished by late May or early June.

Pictures show the interior taking shape with images of the stage in the grand ballroom, a sample of the wood paneling outside of a meeting room, and the exhibit hall ceiling with a fresh coat of white paint.

Also shown is the faux wood soffits that decorate the overhang at 5th Avenue and Demonbreun Street.

“Well within the next month to six weeks we will finish the exterior of the building. We call it drying in, but all of the metal panel, the curtain wall, glass, everything on the exterior will be done,” Holly McCall with the Music City Center told Nashville's News 2.

She continued, “What folks don't know is all the work that's going in on the inside. The bathrooms for instance, already have toilets in them and fixtures so there's a big push to get those bathrooms finished up, and elevators and escalators.  We do have a freight elevator that's already operational. Some of those things are being tested, although most of us still have to walk the stairs up to the roof.”

McCall said they also have a $2 million artwork program that will be displayed throughout the building and underneath 6th Avenue.

When explaining the walkway she stated, “And then on the other side on the glass concourse there's [going] be an LED light feature that is motion activated so it looks like music playing as you walk by it.”

The Music City Center will achieve LEED silver status with LED lighting throughout the building and other “green” features.

“There's a 350,000 gallon water storage tank at one end of the site to collect rain water used to be irrigating and flushing toilets, a four-acre green roof, and oh we are going to be arriving at a plan for solar panels on that guitar-shaped pop-up soon,” explained McCall.

The building is expected to be complete by April 30, 2013.

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