Local beer distributor emerges 2 years after May 2010 flood

Local beer distributor emerges 2 years after May 2010 flood (Image 1)

This week marks two years since the historic flood of May 2010 devastated Nashville and many businesses are emerging bigger and better than before including one local beer distributor.

Six feet of water filled Ajax Turner's offices and warehouse and destroyed half a million cases of beer.

Scott Turner, president of the company, told Nashville's News 2, “It's almost two years to the day that we lost our building and everything other than our building to do business.”

Ajax Turner, a beverage distributor, decided not to rebuild on Visco Drive after the May flood.

“We'd kind of outgrown our space and we had been thinking about moving for so long it was just one of those things, it was a decision that the flood helped make for us,” Turner said.

They left behind their home of 40 years and moved to a larger space in the 1500 block of Corporate Place in La Vergne.

The company celebrated their new home and 50 years of business Sunday with live music, a barbeque, and of course lots of beer.

“It's just a really terrific day in the history of our company,” Turner continued.

As the company moves forward, they honor the past and say they're better for it.

“It just pulled us together closer as a company and made us think about what we mean to each other as team members,” Turner said.  “We like to think a good thing came from the flood for our company.”

Jon Keene, Vice President of Sales, added, “We were a real good company before the flood but now it's a special place to be and work”

Ajax Turner, the company's founder, passed away in 1990.  His grandsons now run the company.

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