Pit bull transferred to out-of-state rescue center

Pit bull transferred to out-of-state rescue center (Image 1)

After spending more than a year at the Nashville Animal Control Center, an area dog was moved to an out-of-state rescue center on Thursday.

Prada, a four-year-old pit bull-boxer mix, was in Metro's care since January 30, 2011 after accidentally getting loose.

Animal control officials picked Prada up after the dog allegedly attacked another.

City officials also said Prada attacked a total of five dogs, two of which were in Metro's custody.

Both dogs had to be destroyed.

Since the alleged incidents, Prada's owner Nicole Andree has maintained the stories are untrue and that her dog did not bite any dogs.

“If Prada had bit a human or scratched a human even or aggressively come after anybody, including a dog, it would have scared me to death,” she previously told Nashville's News 2.  “I would have found a rescue right then, even if [Animal Control] would have given back the dog.”

Earlier this month a judge signed an amended order at Andree's request to have the pet transferred to an-out-of-state facility.

Prada was moved to Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans on Thursday at 2 p.m.

The facility pairs animals in their care with inmates in an effort to rehabilitate them both.

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