Confiscated badge issue turned over to Metro Legal Dept.

Confiscated badge issue turned over to Metro Legal Dept. (Image 1)

The Metro Legal Department is working on a case after police recently confiscated 10 police badges from inspectors with the Transportation Licensing Commission.
The issue stems from an angry letter sent by Chief Steve Anderson to the Transportation Licensing Commission director Brian McQuistion on April 20.

In the letter, the chief accused the agency's inspectors of wearing police badges, using blue lights and carrying guns as they regulate Nashville's taxis, wreckers and downtown horse carriages.

On Thursday, Chief Anderson's letter was addressed by the Chair of the Transportation Licensing Commission Helen Rogers.

“We as commissioners are not involved in the day to day operations of this agency,” she said.

Then she asked and received board approval to the turn the matter over to Metro Legal,”and to advise the commission on what inspectors can and can't do.”

In her statement at the meeting, Rogers echoed what Mayor Karl Dean told Nashville's News 2 on Wednesday about the issue.

“I agree with the comments Mayor Dean made in the media that he was confident the police will deal with this,” Rogers said.

Transportation Licensing Commission Director Roger McQuistion did not want to talk about his inspectors or the board's action.

“If any investigation is still ongoing it would be inappropriate to comment,” McQuistion said.

Metro police had several representatives including Capt. Mike Hagar, but they also declined to comment on the TLC's action.

The badges have since been recovered from the inspectors.

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