Police believe man’s car was purposely set on fire

Police believe man's car was purposely set on fire (Image 1)

Police in Spring Hill are continuing to search for the person who recently set a car on fire after firing two shots into the vehicle and scratching a curse word into the trunk.

The burned out 1999 Plymouth Breeze was discovered on April 3 by a Public Works truck driver.

Authorities said the blaze was deliberately set.

On Tuesday, Nashville's News 2 Investigates spoke with the car's owner, Michael Hunt.

“It upset me a lot. It was not a lot of fun to look at,” he said. “You can tell from the other things, the bullet holes, the carvings, it was for malicious intent.”

Detective Michael Foster said the suspect fired two shots into the gas tank before the car was set on fire.

“We did not find the bullets so there is no chance at comparing the markings on the bullets to the guns,” he said. 

According to state bomb and arson experts, the fire began in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Investigators said the incident occurred while the car was parked into front of a home where Hunt formerly lived.

Despite the seriousness of the crime, detectives believe it may have been an isolated incident and similar crimes have not been reported.

“It would concern me if it happened elsewhere in the community [or] if there were a rash of these types of things, but we've had no other reports, so I think it is an isolated incident between two people who know each other and I cannot prove it right now,” Foster said.

While police remain hopeful someone from the community will provide information on the incident, Hunt said he remains fearful for himself and his loved ones. 

“Of course it bothers me. I want something done about it,” he said.

Police said Hunt did not have insurance on the vehicle at the time of the fire and he is not considered a suspect in the case.

The crime is considered vandalism over $1,000, a Class D felony.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Spring Hill police at 931-486-3270.

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