Plato’s Closet plans to move to new location

Plato's Closet plans to move to new location (Image 1)
Plato's Closet plans to move to new location (Image 1)

As many businesses around and near Hickory Hollow are closing their doors, one Antioch store is planning to move to a new, larger location.

Zina Goodin is the owner of Plato's Closet consignment store located in the 5000 block of Mt. View Road.

She told Nashville's News 2 after 10 years at the store's current location, she is moving her business to nearby Bell Road.

“We are moving to a bigger and better location just up the street,” Goodin said. “We have been able to grow the store to where the last couple of years have been our best years ever.”

Despite the recent successful years, Goodin said her store did feel some of the pangs as the Hickory Hollow Mall area began declining.  

“When the mall took a hit we started declining too.  Around 2005, 2006 we started declining right along with the area,” she recalled.

Goodin said even as major retailers Best Buy and Sears prepare to close their doors permanently, she is optimistic the area will improve in the future.

“While we see a lot of places leaving the area, we see a lot of new change for the area, we see a lot of new things coming in,” she said.

Goodin told Nashville's News 2 attributes a majority of her success to a great management team.

Plato's Closet will open at its new location at 835 Bell Road on Wednesday, May 2.

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