Dogs save man from fire

Doyce Mitchell describes his dogs as, “very loving and extremely jealous.”

He calls Lukie, Pinch, and Fiddle his boys.

“Their like my kids, my best friends, I have more faith in them than I do people,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell tells us the Jack Russell and red terrier mixes woke him up early Monday morning when his Shelbyville trailer caught fire and he was fast asleep.

“They barked pulled on me and jumped all over me, we all sleep in the same room, sleep in the same bed… when I sit up on the bed I was about belly button up in smoke,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell and the dogs escaped without injury, but their home is nearly a complete loss.

“Fire and all stayed in the back bedroom but it ruined everything,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell tells us the fire was electrical and started from this fuse box that was mounted outside the trailer.

“If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here, I'm very thankful for them,” said Mitchell.

Although they're not sure where they'll live now but Mitchell's certain he'll forever be together with his “boys.”

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