Increased golf spending indicates economic recovery

Increased golf spending indicates economic recovery (Image 1)

More people are spending more money on recreational golf and it could indicate an economic recovery.

A nationwide trend in the golf industry looks forward to what could be its best year since 2007.

Brian Jorgenson with the Nashville Golf and Athletic Club told Nashville's News 2, “We are up 100% in revenue from last year to this year at this time.”

“We've seen over 850 more golfers so far this year than we did last year,” he continued.  “I think people are loosening up a little bit and spending some money.”

Club members have also noticed an increase in golf spending and interest.

“More people are getting back interested and playing golf and joining clubs,” Ed Kendrick, a member of the club, told Nashville's News 2, “you got the questions coming up from other people wanting to know what the membership dues are, how you can get in, so yeah, I think you're seeing a big change and golf is a barometer of it.”

Jorgenson said he believes a big influence on increased revenue at Nashville Golf is the weather.

“Rain, snow sleet, [and] freezing temperatures last year, nobody came out,” he said.  “I was open six days last January [and] I was closed six days this January. That's a big difference.”

Sales of clothing and gear also increased at Nashville Golf.

“This is a Godsend that were able to have this revenue going into the season, knowing things are on the looking up for sure,” Jorgenson said.

Recreational golf is a $25 billion consumer market.

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