Man caught molesting young girl in Lawrenceburg

Man caught molesting young girl in Lawrenceburg (Image 1)

A Lawrence County man was arrested earlier this week after a resident caught him molesting a young girl, according to police.

Lawrenceburg police said the resident saw Robert Bumpas, 36, molesting the girl in a van parked in the alleyway behind his home Tuesday morning.

Dale Urquhart told Nashville's News 2, “A van pulled up in the back alleyway and my wife says, ‘What's the van doing back there?'”

Urquhart said he went into his backyard, peered through the fence and saw a young girl in the front passenger seat with being inappropriately touched by Bumpus, who was allegedly masturbating.

“I ran and told my wife, call 911, there's a child molester in the alleyway!”  Urquhart recalled.

“I thought the child was in real danger, that was what was going through my mind, to save a child,” he continued, “…Don't let it happen, please don't let it happen.”

Urquhart said he jumped into his car and drove down the alley but as he approached, Bumpas quickly backed the van up.

He quickly followed and was able to ram the van into a pole to prevent Bumpas from escaping.

Police said as Bumpas attempted to flee on foot, he pulled out a box cutter and began waving it around.

Urquhart was able to hold him down until officers arrived.

Lawrenceburg police Capt. Dan Law said, “When you have a situation where you've actually got an eyewitness, and you've got a Good Samaritan that jumps in the situation and assists in the arrest, that's something you don't normally see, we don't normally have that good luck, I guess you could say.”

The police report stated that when Bumpas was placed into a patrol car, he asked the officer to button his pants.

The officer asked him why his pants were unbuttoned and he replied, “Because of what they are saying about me….”

The young girl was taken to a safe location after being cared for by a medical technician.

Bumpas faces multiple charges including solicitation of a minor to observe sexual conduct and aggravated assault.

He is scheduled to appear in a Lawrence County courtroom on May 4.

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