Mt. Juliet looks to extend urban growth boundaries

Mt. Juliet looks to extend urban growth boundaries (Image 1)

Wilson County's Growth Coordinating Committee is looking at expanding and modifying Mt. Juliet's city limits, as part of an Urban Growth Boundaries plan.

The plan is in response to the city's recent growth and development.

The city's southern area would see the most change with the Urban Growth Boundaries.

An exact map has not been finalized, but the city's boundaries could be extended between 2,500 and 5,000 acres.

According to Steve Foote, Mt. Juliet's Planning Director, the southern portion of the city has seen significant growth and extending the southern boundaries would help with future growth.

“It's an area within which the city can plan, guide the growth and development of that area in a manner that we think is best and it has nothing to do with annexation,” Foote told Nashville's News 2.

Mt. Juliet's southern city limit runs along Central Pike, the area beyond that is managed by Wilson County. The city has no intention of forcibly annexing any portion of the county.

“This area would be added to the Urban Growth Boundary but not necessarily added to the city [Mt. Juliet] limits, unless someone came to us and wanted to be annexed. It would still be in the [Wilson] County. It would still remain under county jurisdiction,” said Foote.

Those annexed into Mt. Juliet would be able to get city services like police, fire and water.

While the plan is not finalized, residents just outside of Mt. Juliet's city limits are split; some do not want to become part of the city while others like Rex Moorer welcome it.

“I like Mt. Juliet and think it would be a good thing for us, Moorer told Nashville's News 2, “If the taxes didn't get outrageous I'd love to have the services of the city.”

The Urban Growth Boundaries is expected to be voted on within the coming weeks, after the boundary maps are finalized.

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