Flooded Franklin businesses could be given more time to rebuild

Flooded Franklin businesses could be given more time to rebuild (Image 1)

Businesses in Franklin may receive an extension to redevelop nearly two years after the historic flood of May 2010 due to the extraordinary circumstances brought on by the flood.

Under state ordinance, non-residential owned properties must be utilized or demolished within 30 months of vacancy.

The city of Franklin plans to meet Tuesday evening to discuss the rebuilding plans and extension.

“The city leadership is working with property owners that were significantly impacted by the flood,” Assistant City Administrator Vernon Gerth explained, adding, “Because it impacted so many properties, we [want] to provide ample opportunity for them to reestablish or consider what they want to do with their property.”

Under the extension, city leaders would give property owners an additional year to repair or demolish the old buildings.

That year would be retro-active, meaning businesses would have 30 months to repair the space starting from May 2011 with a final deadline of November 2013.

Hillsboro Road in Franklin saw as much as four feet of water during the flood. 

The Sonic located at 5th Avenue North was rebuilt at a cost of roughly $1 million paid for with flood insurance and loans.

Not every business has been able to bounce back as a few dozen buildings remain empty.

Many property owners are still struggling with insurance or reevaluating the value of the buildings.

In addition to the extra time, the local planning commission plans to discuss the impact of the current ordinance on any future flood-damaged businesses.

The extension will be up for a vote in two weeks on April 24.

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