Body shops remain backed up from hail damage repairs

Body shops remain backed up from hail damage repairs (Image 1)

Body shops throughout Middle Tennessee are continuing to play catch up from last months back-to-back hail storms.  

At many area body shops it remains to be a two week wait just to get an estimate.

“There's a lot in this area, everybody's trying to get their cars fixed,” said Vogely & Todd's Scott Hibbard.

Insurance companies, such as State Farm, have flown in adjusters in from throughout the country to keep up with the claims.

A drive through center located in west Nashville allows customers to pull up, get an estimate and in some cases a check for the repairs on the spot.

Despite the convenience of the drive up facilities, body shop workers are advising cars owners to make sure they are asking their insurance companies the right questions.

Hibbard said he suggests asking things such as what panels need to be replaced versus repaired and are the damages repairable with conventional repair.    

The body shop worker told Nashville's News 2 once motorists bring their vehicle in for repairs, the work is done quickly.

“It usually takes about four days to do a repair, paint-less dent repair,” said Hibbard.

Insurance adjusters believe they will continue to get hail damage claims for the next few months.

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