Franklin teens busted for underage drinking

Franklin teens busted for underage drinking (Image 1)

After a recent party in Franklin, involving underage drinking, police are encouraging teens to make smart choices.

Franklin police responded to the Avalon Subdivision around 10:10 p.m. Saturday after a neighbor called police.

When police arrived to the scene, many of the teens fled into the woods behind the home.

Police, however, arrested one 16 year-old for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, while four vehicles were towed at the request of the homeowner.

“It kept someone with an unknown level of impairment off the street,” explained Sgt. Charles Warner, adding, “That's important to me. That's important to you. That's important to everyone we share the road with.”

As graduations and prom season approach, police are urging teens to think twice before attending or hosting a party with alcohol involved.

“You need to make sure the decisions you make won't affect your life negatively in some way or god forbid someone else's,” said Warner.

Police said parents of the 17-year-old who hosted the party were out of town at the time of the incident.

The minor was supposed to be staying at a friend's home.

The homeowners do not face any charges, however police warn adults who do provide alcohol to minors will be charged.

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