Wilson County plans future city expansions

Wilson County plans future city expansions (Image 1)

Planners throughout Wilson County are taking a close look at boundary lines after officials recently learned Mt. Juliet is one of the fastest growing cities.

“We are exhibiting a lot of growth in the Providence Area, South Mt. Juliet Road [and] a little bit north of the interstate, as well around the Paddocks area,” explained Mt. Juliet Planning Director Steve Foote.

In the Providence area, there is already new construction and areas ready for development.

Officials said to plan for growth and future growth, cities are required to have an Urban Growth Boundary which defines the land a city could potentially annex.

“What we are trying to do is extend that Urban Growth Boundary a little more to the south so that we will have a window of a 20 year area for instance, where we can plan proactively for the development of that area,” Foote told Nashville's News 2.

Many residents said they do not want to be included inside the new boundary, however, officials believe moving the line could be beneficial.

“By moving this boundary line, it will allow us to respond to requests from developers or property owners in the future if they want to be annexed by the city of Mt. Juliet. So that is another important point that we can respond to those request, we can provide sewer service and we can guide and work with the developers as that area develops,” Foote said.

Mt. Juliet is not the only city within the county examining their Urban Growth Boundaries.

“The Urban Growth Committee that was put together by Wilson County has all of the cities at this time looking at changes that might possibly want to make to the Urban Growth Boundaries and that would include Watertown and the city of Lebanon,” explained Foote.

The Urban Growth Committee is holding meetings to allow public input and to help inform residents about future plans.

The first meeting will be held on Monday night at 6 p.m.  in the auditorium of Mt. Juliet High.

A second meeting is scheduled for Thursday at Lebanon High School.

Officials said after receiving and evaluating public comment, the Wilson County Growth Committee will recommend a county wide growth plan map to each city within the county.

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