TBI probing fatal police shooting of man with gun

TBI probing fatal police shooting of man with gun (Image 1)

An elderly Kingston Springs man was fatally shot Sunday evening after firing a gun at police officers.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesperson Kristin Helm said the agency was called in to investigate the shooting, which occurred at a residence located at 115 East Kingston Springs Road in Cheatham County, about 25 miles west of Nashville.

Helm said 70-year-old Albert Ray Finch called 911, saying he was suicidal.

A Kingston Springs police officer and a Cheatham County sheriff's deputy arrived to find Finch in his front yard with a gun.

“Officers arrived and that individual was armed.  He fired and shot at some of the deputies and police officers. They started to retreat back for their own safety when he went back inside the home,” Helm said.

She continued, “When he came back outside, he was armed again and that's when officers opened fire.”

It wasn't immediately known how many shots were returned, but Ben Buselmeier, a 29-year-old sheriff's deputy, fired the fatal shot.

He has since been placed on routine administrative leave with pay.

Authorities say police were very familiar with Finch and had responded to his home on several occasions.

Finch's daughter, Donna Kennedy told Nashville's News 2 she just happened to be driving by Sunday evening when she saw the commotion outside her father's home.

“They knew my father would do stuff for attention,” she said, “they knew that much.”

Donna Kennedy said her father was dying of lung cancer and in constant pain.

“If he was shooting at anything, he was shooting in the air for attention,” Donna Kennedy continued.

“He did not deserve to go like this,” Finch's granddaughter, Brittany Kennedy, added.

“I know for certain that we could've suppressed it, because my grandfather has always, always, whenever he wanted, you know, us to come by and talk to him, he would always calm down immediately,” she continued.  “My grandfather was a good person, generally.  I mean he has had moments up and down, but he was a good person and he did not deserve to be treated that way.”
The TBI has dash cam video from a city police car of the shooting but are not releasing it to the public.

The investigation is ongoing.

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