House passes bill preventing pets in drivers’ laps

House passes bill preventing pets in drivers' laps (Image 1)

A proposed law that would ban drivers from having their pets in their laps while driving passed the House on Monday evening.

The measure, sponsored by Representative Jim Cobb, makes it illegal to not only drive with a pet in your lap, but would also prevent the animal from being between the driver and the driver's door.

On Monday, Nashville's News 2 spoke with pet owners about the proposed bill.

Siray Koroma said her dog Duke likes to sit in her lap when he is in the car with her.

“I think it will be hard to make him not sit in my lap,” she said, adding, “He will just sit but I can see some dogs that like to jump around. I can see that is not the safest.”

Contrary to Koroma's dog, Josiah Holland said his dog Buzz is not allowed in the front seat of his vehicle because he is too active while riding in a car.

“It's too distracting and he's too big. I open the back couple of windows and he kind of runs back and forth,” Holland explained.

Rep. Cobb said American Auto Association supports the bill since, “thousands of accidents happen nationwide yearly because of drivers distracted by their pets.”

The bill is expected to be voted on in the senate finance committee Tuesday.

Jim Cobb

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