Mid-State couple remains hopeful infant son will receive new heart

Mid-State couple remains hopeful infant son will receive new heart (Image 1)

A couple from White House continues to remain hopeful a heart will be found in time for their infant son who is in dire need of a transplant.

Andrew Hagewood was born on February 6 with an enlarged heart.  

Currently doctors are temporarily able to keep Andrew alive with the help of a heart and lung bypass machine called an ECMO.

“The only way Andrew will go home is with a heart transplant,” said mother Christy Hagewood.

Doctors told Nashville's News 2 there are risks associated with being on the ECMO machine and with each passing day those risks increase.

“There's always a risk for infection because these tubes that hook to the machine go into his body where it can drag in bacteria and get into his bloodstream.  That would be a game changer if that happened,” explained Dr. John Pietsch with Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

Thus far Andrew has not had any major problems, which doctors said, is a miracle itself.

“This is longer than most, certainly longer than we've done before,” Dr. Pietsch said.

The Hagewood's told Nashville's News 2 they have received messages of support and encouragement from people all across the country and they are grateful for each day they can spend with their son.  

“Whether it ends tomorrow with a heart, without a heart, we have been very blessed to have our time with Andrew,” Christi said.

The family released the following statement in which they said they hope Andrew's story will teach others an important lesson about organ donation.

“God has blessed Andrew with strength to endure each day. And each day has been a blessing to us. We want to thank everyone for their love, prayers, and support and for giving more consideration to blood and organ donation.”

Andrew remains at the top of the list for a transplant.

The average wait time for a heart is six weeks.  

Aside from having an enlarged heart, doctors said Andrew is in good health.

Click here to send a message of encouragement to the Hagewood family via Facebook.

For more information on organ donation, visit DonateLife.net.

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