More employers asking for job applicant’s Facebook logins

More employers asking for job applicant's Facebook logins (Image 1)

On Monday, Facebook reversed its threat to file suit against employers who ask for an applicant's username and password.

The practice is an emerging trend by employers in an effort to learn all they can about an applicant during the interview process.

Nicole Hubbs works as coordinator of Junior and Senior Year Experience at Trevecca Nazarene University in south Nashville.

As part of her job, Hubbs counsels students on careers and first jobs.

She told Nashville's News 2 most people are unaware that there are some things on the Internet that are available without their permission to employers.

“It's such a part of our culture now that all employers have access to [Facebook],” she said, adding, “It would almost be silly not to use it to give yourself a leg-up on the hiring process.”

Hubbs said that she strongly advises those looking for work to remove anything from their Facebook page or other social networking sites that could offend or worry potential employers.

“If I have a status that talks about how angry I am at people or talking bad about my current place of employment, that says a lot about me,” Hubbs explained.

She added, “I would remove anything with a bathing suit in the picture or anything with alcohol.”

Hubbs also said since there are so few jobs available, applicants should be prepared to do the extra work to be “extra professional.”

“I've been part of many job processes here at Trevecca, at a former institution and when I was in graduate school, hiring both students and staff members, and I know we check Facebook and that may rule somebody out,” she said.

In addition, she tells applicants to Google themselves and go several pages deep into the search to mimic what potential employers could be looking at.

While it's not illegal for companies to request Facebook usernames and passwords, it does violate Facebook terms of service.

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