Fire traps several people inside east Nashville home

Fire traps several people inside east Nashville home (Image 1)

Several people were trapped inside a home after it caught fire early Monday morning in east Nashville.

Firefighters responded to the home located at 527 Skyview Drive, south of Eastland Avenue, around 3:15 a.m.

A total of nine people were inside at the time and two had to escape through a second story window.

Two people were burned although neither person's injuries were life-threatening.

Kristen Richardson was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center for second and third degree burns to her hands and feet.

She was listed in stable condition Monday afternoon.

Jacob Wittenburg received burns to his arm while trying to help Richardson.

“[I remember] seeing my friend Kristen coming down the stairs and seeing her finish coming down the stairs on fire, and trying to put out her hair and her feet,” he recalled.

Natalie Newberry was also inside the burning home.

“It happened really fast, like unbelievably fast,” she recalled, adding, “I've never experienced anything like this, but thankfully everybody was out and we're all alive.”

“That was the scariest thing I've ever seen,” Wittenberg added.

Authorities said the fire started in the upstairs portion of the house and caused extensive damage.

The exact cause is under investigation.

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