Occupy Nashville protester challenge new state law

Occupy Nashville protester challenge new state law (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Occupy Nashville protesters are challenging a new law meant to evict them from their camp near the state Capitol.

The law prohibits camping on state property that is not specifically designated for it.

On Wednesday, two protesters donned makeshift tents and walked around the plaza saying that the law criminalizes homelessness and that its penalties are excessive.

The main provision of the law makes it a misdemeanor to lay down “bedding for the purpose of sleeping” on government-owned land at the Capitol.

One of the protesters is Christopher Humphrey. State troopers passed on an opportunity to arrest the 24-year-old early Monday morning. Humphrey had spent several nights in a tent on the plaza after the deadline to remove the encampment.

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