Residents sign petition in support of liquor store in Mt. Juliet

Residents sign petition in support of liquor store in Mt. Juliet (Image 1)

Some Wilson County residents are working to get a petition signed in an attempt to have a voter's vote on a referendum that would allow wine and liquor stores to open for business in Mt. Juliet.  

Currently, residents can purchase beer in grocery stores, while wine and liquor can only be purchased by the drink at area restaurants.

Those who want to purchase wine or liquor at retailers must travel to nearby Lebanon or Hermitage.

On Friday Nashville's News 2 spoke with residents who voiced their opinions on the idea of liquor and wine stores opening for business.

Mt. Juliet resident Sidney Payne said she does not drink, however she is a supporter of the petition and cares about the city's economy.

“The goal is to keep the money here in Mt. Juliet,” she said, adding, “When they go places to buy wine and liquor, while they are there, they shop there [and] they eat there. Those are tax dollars that could stay here in Mt. Juliet.”

Despite Payne's opinion, Mt. Juliet Church of Christ preacher David Shannon told Nashville's News 2 he feels as if the city is flourishing without the abundance of alcohol.

“As an individual, a family [and] a community, are they better off with the abundance of liquor or without? I've never seen any, whether an individual family or community thrive or be better because of an increase in liquor,” he said.

Payne told Nashville's News 2 around 300 people have already signed the petition in support of liquor and wine stores opening.

She said she plans to get 1,000 signatures and take the petition to the Board of Elections Office to be verified and potentially be on the November ballot.

The referendum to allow wine and liquor in stores has previously been on the ballot and failed.

If it passes, the city council would need to set regulations.

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