Police: Jewelry thief targeted elderly Mt. Juliet residents

Police: Jewelry thief targeted elderly Mt. Juliet residents (Image 1)

Mt. Juliet police are seeking the public's help identifying a woman who stole jewelry from at least one elderly resident at a local assisted living facility.

Police said the unidentified woman entered the Providence Place assisted living facility on February 13 and scammed the victim by acting as if she was there to clean jewelry.

In the incident, the victim, 85-year-old Aline Spurlock, stated that the woman asked her to remove her wedding rings so she could clean them and even used some type of cream to get them from her fingers, according to police.

“I was lying on the foot of the bed when the lady came in. I said, ‘You can't get my rings off,' and she said, ‘Yeah, I can get them off' and she soaped them up to get them off. She said she wanted to clean my rings.”

Spurlock told Nashville's News 2 Investigates that her husband, Buford, gave her the ring in 1944 while on furlough from the war and that she had worn the ring everyday.

“[The rings] meant a lot to me,” she said, seated on the couch in the lobby of the facility.

Spurlock said she notified authorities as soon as she realized she had been scammed.

Spurlock's son, Dwight, told Nashville's News 2 Investigates he is upset that his mother's rings were stolen.

“I have a special place of aggravation within me for someone who does something to old people who cannot defend themselves and to children,” he said.

The offender is described as a middle-aged white woman with brown, shoulder-length hair.

She was seen leaving the parking lot in a late 1990s model two-door, light blue or purple Honda or Acura hatchback.

Police said it is unclear if any other residents were victimized at the facility.

Anyone with any information on the woman's identity is urged to call Mt. Juliet police at 615-754-2550 or the department's tips line at 615-754-TIPS or visit their Web site.

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