2 tornados confirmed in Tennessee, no fatalities reported

2 tornados confirmed in Tennessee, no fatalities reported (Image 1)

The Nashville Weather Service confirmed on Saturday that two tornados touched down in Tennessee on Friday.

The first, an EF-1 tornado, touched down in southern Cheatham County late Friday afternoon.

The tornado struck just before 4 p.m. along Mt. Pleasant Road just south of Kingston Springs.

Officials told Nashville's News 2 the nearly one mile damage of the path of the storm contained snapped and uprooted trees, a destroyed barn and several homes with minor roof damage.

The roof of  the South Cheatham Public Library was heavily damaged and the storm left behind damaged computers and soggy books.

“We will pull though and this community is a very strong community and we can't wait to get it started again,” librarian Mary Jo Smith told Nashville's News 2.

The library will remain closed as repairs are made.

Nearby, Kingston Springs United Methodist Church also sustained hail damage.

“The paneling is destroyed. The hail just beat it all to pieces,” said Pastor Terry Carty.

Roofing of the church was ripped up and stained glass windows were blown out.

Despite the damage, the church plans to hold service on Sunday.

“When something like this happens we gather to celebrate. We are not here to be served, we are here to serve,” Carty said.

According to the National Weather Service the maximum path of the tornado that ripped through Cheatham County was nearly 100 yards and had winds up to 90 miles-per-hour.

Officials said other parts of the county sustained damages due to straight line winds.

In Jackson County, Tennessee an EF-2 tornado damaged dozens of homes as it swept through the small community of  Dodson Branch located about 90 east miles of Nashville.

The tornado hit the community just before 5:30 p.m. and had winds up to 125 miles-per-hour.

Eric Vanatta told Nashville's News 2 his father's home was heavily damaged in the storm and his uncle's home was destroyed.

“You see it in movies and you see it on TV and you know there's power there, but then you actually see it happen it gives you a whole different perspective,” Vanatta said.

At least 65 homes were destroyed.

No fatalities were reported.

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