Men caught soliciting prostitution can attend ‘John School’

Men caught soliciting prostitution can attend 'John School' (Image 1)

An average of 40 men walk through the doors of St. Ann's Episcopal Church in east Nashville church every two months to attend “John School.”

The program is offered by law enforcement in partnership with the Magdalene House, a non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating women with a history of prostitution.

Program Director Kenny Baker is a cognitive behavior specialist in Nashville.

“We're in the business of helping not only women in Nashville, we're interested in helping the Johns as well,” Baker said.

First-time offenders of soliciting prostitution are offered the option of taking an eight-hour class and paying a $300 fine to have the offense expunged from their records.

Baker told Nashville's News 2 that soliciting prostitution does not discriminate.

“I've seen everybody from low-income, high income, middle class, everybody in between. I've seen homeless, business professionals, people that you wouldn't imagine,” said Baker.

The “John School” was created by former Governor Phil Bredesen in 1997 to combat a growing prostitution problem in Nashville.

Offenders go through a series of lectures by health officials, prosecutors, and former prostitutes.

They must also take an STD test to complete the course.

If an offender is arrested for solicitation a second time, he faces a minimum of seven days in jail.

All proceeds from the program benefit the Magdalene House.

Click here to learn more about the Magdalene program.

Earlier in February, a Franklin Road Academy coach and a Metro Councilman were arrested for soliciting prostitution.

David Pack's lawyer told a judge Wednesday that his client had attended the John School, and Pack's charges were dismissed.

Pack has resigned from his position at FRA.

Metro Councilman Brady Banks was arrested a week later in another prostitution sting in Nashville.

Banks has since resigned from his position as outreach director of the Governor's Books from Birth Foundation.

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