Man puts baby on Craigslist for $850

Man puts baby on Craigslist for $850 (Image 1)

A Clarksville man surrendered to authorities in Montgomery County Friday after he posted an advertisement on Craigslist selling a baby.

Posted on February 15, the ad read, “Baby was born Aug. 5, 2011.  It is a male baby, he is German and Irish.  His name is Joseph.  You can have him for 850 dollars.  He does not cry that much and is a very [quiet] baby.”

A concerned citizen who saw the posting called police the same day.

Working in conjunction with Clarksville police detectives, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation traced the ad to a laptop belonging to Jacob Marshall.

“It was a hoax,” Clarksville police spokesperson Jim Knoll told Nashville's News 2.

He said Marshall told investigators the ad was a “joke, to get a reaction.”

Marshall said he posted the advertisement to see what kind of response he would get.

“He wanted attention, and got it because law enforcement showed up at his door,” said Knoll.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the child in the advertisement was not in danger, and was not associated with, or known to Marshall.

Officer Knoll said the picture of the baby was a 2006 picture from the Internet.

Marshall, 24, was booked into the Montgomery County jail on one felony count of filing a false report.

He has since been released on a $1,000 bond.

Marshall did not respond to attempts for a comment at the Clarksville home where he lives.

Neighbors told Nashville's News 2 he seems like a “good guy” which makes it “hard to believe he could do such a thing.”

The investigation is ongoing, but police do not think others were involved.

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