Dickson Co. teen petitions for new Disney princess

Dickson Co. teen petitions for new Disney princess (Image 1)

A Dickson County teen is circulating a petition to encourage Disney to add a new princess– with no hair.

Thirteen-year-old Kayla Brooks is circulating a petition at her school, Dickson Middle School, and her community to gain support for the idea.

The seventh grader said the new princess would be a good role model for young girls battling cancer who have lost their hair during chemo treatments.

“What about little girls who don't have hair? How are they supposed to understand the stories enough to be able to choose a favorite?” said Brooks. “I feel like everyone should be able to feel the same as everyone else.”

Brooks has also asked American Girl to create a doll with no hair, and she started a Facebook page to gain support too.

So far, she has collected 400 signatures on the petition, which has been circulating for a couple of months.

“I think I printed like 20 copies at first, and I expected to get maybe one paper filled by the first day, but I got three,” said Brooks.

Her goal is to collect signatures from everyone in her school.

Brooks is also growing her hair for the sole purpose of donating it to Locks of Love. 

She has already donated her hair twice, once in third grade and again in sixth grade.

“I knew there was some little girl that didn't have hair that would want my hair,” said Brooks.

The teen admits the Disney idea wasn't hers.  She was inspired by a picture of a bald princess she saw online.  She wants to help move the idea forward.

Brooks said she doesn't even have a personal connection to a child who has battled cancer, but she is passionate about helping them.

She plans to continue doing so one signature at a time.

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