Woman caught trespassing at Kenny Chesney’s home to be released

Woman caught trespassing at Kenny Chesney's home to be released (Image 1)

A woman recently arrested at Kenny Chesney's Williamson County home was set free and ordered not to have any more contact with the country music super star.

Melissa Mansfield was in court Wednesday facing the judge for the first time on charges of criminal trespassing and public intoxication.

Mansfield has been in jail since Williamson County deputies discovered her behind Chesney's home reportedly drinking wine on February 15.

During the arrest, deputies reported that the 31-year-old California woman stated she was in a relationship with the country music singer who was not in the state at the time of the incident.

Mansfield asked the court for a public defender, however after Judge Denise Andre reviewed Mansfield's financial documents, denied the request, saying that Mansfield had a job and sufficient money to hire an attorney.

“Yes, I do but I just choose not to, to see if I can use a public defender,” Mansfield said.

A short time later, with Mansfield representing herself at the podium before the judge, a deal was struck.

The judge nollied the charges of public intoxication, which means the state decided not to prosecute, though still could at a later date if Mansfield violates the court order not to contact Chesney for the next year.

“The charge of criminal trespassing, your case is retired for 11 months and 29 days,” the judge said to Mansfield who constantly interjected “Yes ma'am” and “Thank you” while the judge spoke.

“You are to incur no new charges. That is a condition of the retirement,” Andre said. “And also you are ordered to stay away from the victim's property located at,” The judge paused, then said. “anywhere. I mean anywhere. “

“Yes ma'am,” a laughing Mansfield said.

The judge continued, “And no contact directly or indirectly with the victim through any means. That includes text, emails, another person, letters, calls any type of contact or the state can bring this back up and prosecute.”

“Yes, very much, yes ma'am, ok,” Mansfield agreed

After spending a week in jail on a $1,000 dollar bond, the court freed Mansfield.

When contacted last week, Chesney's people sent Nashville's News 2 Investigates the following response:

“The intruder has no association to Chesney. No one was home at the time of the break in.”

Mansfield was discharged on Wednesday afternoon.

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