Food trucks not permitted in parts of Williamson County

Food trucks not permitted in parts of Williamson County (Image 1)

The food truck craze that has swept Nashville is now rolling into parts of Williamson County.

However, the question of which areas will allow the trucks to operate is causing some controversy.

Currently food trucks are only allowed to be set up in areas zoned for retail sales, not those that are only for office space

“They could potentially be set up in areas that are zoned for office and retail if they have the property owners permission and they've gone through the proper channels with the city first,” Brentwood City Attorney Roger Horner told Nashville's News 2.

Just Like Nannie Fixed It has been serving authentic country cooking in the Westpark Building space for about six months.

Owner Kent Davis said he does not know if they offer retail space inside, but that he has the blessing of property owners.

“I'm on private property. I don't think anyone should be able to control what's on private property unless we cause a nuisance on the streets,” Davis explained.

Davis said Maryland Farms office workers line up for a hot plate of food from his business each week.

“It's very convenient you know, saves me a lot of gas. There's not a whole lot of choices out here in Brentwood,” customer Keith Stewart said.

Recently Billy Caldwell of Caldwell Travel invited a couple of mobile trucks to his office property, but Brentwood codes showed up and told the mobile eateries to leave.

“I thought I had every right to have the truck here, but again there are codes so I have to abide by those. So we are going to try and get them changed,” Caldwell told Nashville's News 2.

Property owners, foodies, mobile trucks and city officials all say they want a plan to keep everyone's mouth happy.

“It's possible that we might modify the rules to relax the restrictions on food trucks,” said Horner.

Brentwood city officials said there is not a timeline for changing their policy and that it will take a few months for a proposal to get through the process.

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