Car owner faces homicide charge, wasn’t driving

Car owner faces homicide charge, wasn't driving (Image 1)
Car owner faces homicide charge, wasn't driving (Image 1)

The prosecutor's office in Davidson County has taken the unusual step of filing a homicide charge against the owner of a car involved in the deaths of two pedestrians.

Erin Brown wasn't driving the early morning of December 10, but she was a passenger in her vehicle and had given her keys to her boyfriend.

Police said Trevor Bradshaw was at the wheel when the SUV struck Michael Brooksher and Tommy Allen, who were crossing a street near the city's famed Music Row.

Investigators said the vehicle then ran across a median and struck an oncoming taxi.

Brooksher died two days later.  Allen, 23, died February. 7.

According to a report in The Tennessean, the case is the first Nashville in which a vehicular homicide charge was filed against an owner who wasn't driving.

*The Tennessean and Associated Press contributed to this report.

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