Belmont student wins tuition with 3-point shot

Belmont student wins tuition with 3-point shot (Image 1)

Fans will soon forget the night the Bruins beat the Spartans, but Monday night's men's basketball game will be forever etched in the mind of one college student.

Freshman political science major J.T. Faircloth sunk a 3-point shot that earned him a semester's tuition at Belmont University.

“I like the spotlight, said Faircloth, “It's fun for me.”

Faircloth was one of the students randomly selected during the season to compete for the tuition check by shooting a half court shot.

Since no one sunk the shot, all of the previously selected students were invited back for one last chance.

Still, no one made the half court shot. The group then moved to the three-point line, where five students, including Faircloth made the shot.

During the second round, no one scored.

Faircloth won during the third round and was the only participant to make the shot.

He told Nashville's News 2 after scoring the shot he immediately “Tebowed” in the middle of the court.  

“I actually do pray when I do that. I'm not just doing that for show,” said Faircloth.

Belmont University President Bob Fisher said he was thrilled to hand Faircloth the $11,000 check

“I couldn't have written a better script for this,” said Fisher, adding, “At the end of the day he kind of deserved it.”

The other winners were Faircloth's parents, who help pay for his tuition.

Faircloth said his father turns 60 next month, so he said this was the perfect early birthday present.

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