Vehicles may limit what cell phones can do in future

Vehicles may limit what cell phones can do in future (Image 1)

The government wants to limit what a cell phone can do while a person is driving.

The Transportation Department is working to force automakers to change their vehicles so it would be impossible for drivers to do certain things in their vehicle while the car is in motion.

The proposal says a driver would not be able to access their Facebook, type in an address in a GPS system or dial a phone number while the vehicle is moving.

Drivers would only be able to see 30 characters of any incoming message.

The proposal would make it impossible for a driver to do anything that takes longer than two seconds or requires both hands.

On Thursday night, Nashville's News 2 spoke with instructors at Brentwood-Nashville Drivers' Training to get their opinion on the proposal.

Trainers at the school said they believe the proposal is right in line with what they teach text obsessed teens who are starting out behind the wheel.

“They would never want to the one on the other end of a text if their friend died in a car from texting because then you'd feel like you were responsible and you would be partially,” instructor Jeremy Lyon said.

Drivers can voice their opinions and concerns on the proposal by contacting the Department of Transportation through their Web site, by calling Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood at 202-366-4000.

Public hearings are planned in Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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