La Vergne in need of new dispatch system

La Vergne in need of new dispatch system (Image 1)

If you call 911 in the city of La Vergne, there's a chance the call could be lost.

La Vergne police chief Mike Walker said their department is working with an outdated computer system in their dispatch center.

Walker added their CAD, or computer aided dispatch, is almost eight-years-old and it's age is becoming a big problem.

“It's a concern for anyone who visits or lives here,” Walker told Nashville's News 2.

That's because for some reason, Walker said calls are disappearing in the system once the information is entered in the computer.

Essentially, it's as if the call never existed and that means officers can't be dispatched.

“We can't wait,” urged Walker, “Because if we drop one call that's a life or death, that's a life or death we're not going to get back, and you can't up put a price tag on someone's life.”

Walker also said there's no rhyme or reason as to when calls get dropped and which calls are lost- it has ranged from one dropped call every few weeks to a couple per day.

Walker told Nashville's News 2 a new system would not only fix this problem, but would also get officers in the field up-to-date.

Currently, none of La Vergne's police cars are outfitted with laptops, which mean officers can't access up to date information or even see pictures of suspects they are looking for.

A new system could cost anywhere from $200,000 to $850,000 dollars.

The city has not voted on whether to include that in next year's budget.

Walker estimated best case scenario, they could get the money in July and potentially purchase a replacement technology by the fall.

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