Spring allergy season kicks off early

Spring allergy season kicks off early (Image 1)
Spring allergy season kicks off early (Image 1)

Milder winter temperatures have helped kick start allergy season in Nashville and across the United States.

According to Dr. John Fahrenholz, an allergist at Vanderbilt University, the early allergy season has been especially bad for people impacted by tree pollen.

Dr. Fahrenholz told Nashville's News 2 trees can pollinate as early as mid-February.

He said the overlap between the winter cold season and spring allergies can be confusing.

“In terms of the spring season allergens, everybody wants to get outside and have fun, you know, enjoy the outdoors,” Dr. Fahrenholz said. “Unfortunately, people with bad spring allergies have a hard time doing that, so that's where medications are first line and many things are over-the-counter, in generic form.”

For people who were sick in January, experts say the culprit was either a virus or common indoor allergens, such as dust mites.

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