Web site helps travelers find love in the sky

Web site helps travelers find love in the sky (Image 1)

This Valentines Day, love is in the air — literally.

A 31-year old Australian man has created a Web site called “We met on a plane” to help goo-goo eyed passengers reconnect once they have reached their destination.

Will Scully-Powers came up with the idea for the Web site after meeting his own girlfriend on a plane last year.  

His mission now is to help others reunite with the one that got away.

The Web site allows users to plug in their flight information, including the number, year, month, date and city.  

After the basic information is entered, users can then post a message about the person they are looking for.  

If that someone also comes to the site, the two can reconnect.

“We're providing that last opportunity for people to not ask themselves, ‘What if' for the rest of their lives,” Scully-Power told Nashville's News 2.  

Scully-Power said he is still dating his girlfriend that he met on a plane and that she recently moved from New Zealand to Australia where the pair lives together.

He also added that after learning more than 4,400 people search for WeMetOnAPlane.com  on Google each month was confirmation that a site like his was needed.

The Web site was launched last month.

For more information, visit WeMetOnAPlane.com.

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