Historic Belmont Mansion hosts walk in Valentine’s weddings

Historic Belmont Mansion hosts walk in Valentine's weddings (Image 1)

For a second year in a row, the historic Belmont Mansion allowed couples to walk in and get married or renew their vows inside the historic location on Valentine's Day.

“We have a lot of beautiful things that we have set out today. We already have a beautiful place and we have some Valentine's theme decorations around the house,” explained Reverend Brandon Rich, who is also the Director of Weddings and Rentals at the mansion.

The historic mansion has been a popular choice for brides since 2007, while the mansion itself has operated as a house museum since 1972.  

Due to the museum's hours, most wedding are limited to nights and weekends, however for $200 on Tuesday, couples could walk right in to vow their love to each other.

“We are very glad to marry the two functions of the mansion,” Rich told Nashville's News 2.

He continued, “The weddings we do at Belmont Mansion on Valentine's Day or any other days of the year are done to support the historic mission of Belmont Mansion Association which is to refurbish and restore Belmont Mansion.”

The mansion is scheduled to remain open through Midnight on Tuesday.

For more information on the Belmont Mansion, visit their Web site.

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