Officer struck by car continues to show improvement

Officer struck by car continues to show improvement (Image 1)

The Metro police officer who was critically injured after being struck by a vehicle on Saturday morning is continuing to make improvements at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Officer Brent Hoadley is said to be alert and communicating with his family.

The 31-year-old officer was hit by a vehicle on Murfreesboro Pike in Donelson while he was assisting on the scene of an earlier wreck.

Hoadley was directing traffic around the collision and was hit by a Toyota driven by Gameel Atealla Mesad.

Metro police spokesperson Don Aaron said Mesad, 47, is of Egyptian descent and speaks very limited English.

An over-the-phone line interpreter had to be used at the scene in order to conduct an interview.  Mesad told investigators he suffers from a blood sugar condition and wasn't clear what happened.

Aaron explained, “The driver has indicated to us that he had a blood sugar issue, did not know what had occurred, [but] reported suddenly seeing the officer in the street.”

Hoadley is a six-year veteran of the Metro Nashville Police Department and was in uniform and wearing a florescent traffic vest when he was struck.

Aaron said on Saturday the investigation is ongoing.

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